Adah Parris



To create an ethical culture of innovation we first need to turn those ‘doing’ the innovating into philosophers of life, society, humanity and the planet.


I am fascinated by people, patterns, and stories.

As a futurist, technology philosopher, strategic consultant and public speaker, I have over 20 years of experience in creating transformational change and human-centred immersive ecosystems.

I believe that we need to create cultures motivated by the truth, curiosity, activism, diversity and humility.

Human potential, rather than just numbers and capital.

I believe that innovation should be systemic, across organisations, cultures and communities and in order to create an ethical cultures of innovation, we first need to turn those ‘doing’ the innovating into philosophers of life, society, humanity and the planet.

My experience spans industries, from creating strategies that have transformed the cultural behaviour of organisations to creating new learning and development frameworks, using a humanity-centred design approach for creative problem solving and innovation.

I have worked with businesses and individuals in marketing, advertising, media, entrepreneurship, technology start-ups, and education. My clients have included Unilever, Google, Universal Music, The British Council, Sainsbury's, Ogilvy Labs, Innovate Finance, The EU Council, the British Film Institute (BFI), Wayra UK, The Friday Club, and ArabNet Dubai to name a few.

I am also a motivational speaker and speak on topics such as The Four Freedoms™ as a framework for sustainable culture change and innovation; Human First: The impact of technology on future of work, human identity and humanity; Life and identity hacking in an increasingly digital world; Female leadership in the digital age, and many other topics.

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Notable achievements



Speaker: ArabNet Digital Summit, Dubai

Workshop facilitator: Mindshare Huddle: Being Human

Compere: Digital Shoreditch Festival: CONNECT Day